Applied Arts Advertising 2021
Pony – Don't be a dick (Wear your mask properly)

Don’t be a dick. Wear your mask properly.


Pony is a socially engaged artist based in Montreal whose designs are worn by fans all over the world.

To launch her new mask collection, Pony faced two main challenges: increased competition from other designers (one of her major competitors is located 300 metres down the street from her boutique) and overall “mask-awareness” fatigue.

In this context, how do you sell masks to people who are still not wearing them properly if they wear them at all?

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The consumer insight

At this point in the pandemic, not wearing a mask is really just being a dick.

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Our strategy

Make the consumer aware of their bad behaviour in a concrete and tangible way.

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By repurposing SnapCam filter code and adding a layer of machine learning to our algorithm to improve the specific detection of noses and masks, we targeted people who weren’t wearing their masks properly.

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