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Espace Go – 2020-21 Season

Espace Go : 2020-2021 Theatre Season

ESPACEGO 20 21 07

For a third consecutive year, we collaborated with theatre Espace Go to create its yearly poster campaign.

The 2020-21 season explores the themes of commitment and integrity in testimonial-style stories told by ordinary women, who transport us into their reality. The trio of 2-part posters, which maintain a visual link to the previous season, emphasize the human element and intimacy that connect us to the characters. Capturing three different realities, the portraits reveal the unique viewpoints of these relatable women.

The campaign steers away from traditional theatrical codes and instead adopts a narrative approach more in line with the silver screen. The 2-part posters condense the characters’ stories while retaining enough mystery, permitting the public to overlay their own interpretation.

ESPACEGO 20 21 01
ESPACEGO 20 21 02
ESPACEGO 20 21 03
ESPACEGO 20 21 04
ESPACEGO 20 21 05
ESPACEGO 20 21 06