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Stop transphobia before it starts

Sam Case Vignette Ang

The World's First Educational Transgender Toy

Awareness of transgender rights has increased significantly in recent years, but so has transphobia. This is incredibly harmful, with research reporting that 41% of trans people have attempted suicide. Despite statistics like this, we know that nobody is born transphobic. When Gender Creative Kids Canada, a not-for-profit trans rights advocacy organization in Montreal, challenged us to make the world a more accepting place for trans youth, we knew where to start: with a toy. Sam is designed to teach children what it means to grow up trans, by illustrating the emotions felt by many children questioning their gender identity, and to encourage understanding and empathy through play.

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+1 M organic views of Sam's Story

500 toys produced for Canadian schools

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“This video for a brilliantly designed transgender toy hit me right in the feels”

– Upworthy

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